Welcome to the BC YND!

As the youth section of the BC New Democratic Party, the BC Young New Democrats (BC YND) work passionately to promote youth issues and increase engagement amongst young people aged 12-30 within the party and across the province.

The BC YND has a mentorship program, organizes training sessions and hosts social events for our members. We help connect young people to constituencies during election campaigns for volunteer and work opportunities. Through these activities, the BC YND helps youth who want to work in political, progressive or activist spaces gain the experience and skills necessary to do so.

The BC YND is comprised of a governing Core Council and a General Executive team. The executive is connected to BC YND representatives on constituency associations, University NDP clubs, and various sections of the BC NDP such as Provincial Council.

Become a BC Young New Democrat today and join a team that is proud to work for young people and that empowers young leaders in this province.